LPU 16 Laminate Question


Hey everyone, I was going to buy my friend an LPU 16 laminate so he can join me on line for the Citi Field show in late July, but I don’t know if that laminate will be able to have him stand in line with me. I could tell him to purchase the digital LPU 16 package and then the laminate separately, which then I know he’d be able to gain early access and wait on line with me.

Does anyone have any idea how this works?




Not sure about Citi Field, but for the UK, the laminate provides no early entry or anything. Its purely aesthetic. Hopefully someone better positioned can give a more honest reply.


Thanks for the reply! I remember the last LP concert here in NY, we had to have the laminate on us to gain early entry. I’m not sure if it will apply this year or not, but I’d like to know so he has enough time to order it by the day of the show.


They said no early entry this time around.


So for the UK, the LPU advantage is pretty much just the pre-booking and the chance of M&G? I really do miss the early entry so much. This might be the first LP concert where I’m not near the front!


I’m not sure how this works, but afaik, you can buy up to 500 laminates for using these with your friends
@derek can tell better


If that’s how that works, that’s news to me. The point of the laminate was to let LPUers in early, not you and your non-member friends. Membership was always a prerequisite to getting in early, I’m ignorant to any changes if there are or were any.


Ok then , my bad.


For the last UK tour LPU membership got you early entry, but not this time around (sucks huh?)

It’s the LPU membership that got you the early entry, rather than the laminate itself. The laminate is just a snazzy way of showing that you’re a member. I remember at the time that if your laminate had not arrived by the date of the show you could still get early entry by showing receipt of your LPU membership purchase. So I’d suggest wait until the nearer the time and if they announce that LPU members get early entry to the show you’re going to, your friend can just sign up online the day before and use the email confirmation to get in.