LPU 16 Package Shirts


Hey guys i’m all late into purchasing the LPU 16 package but it’s way cheaper than the shirts on their website. Anyways, I was wondering is the LPU 16 design different if you choose men or women? They ran out of my size in women so i’m getting a men size and was curious. Thanks in advance!


the design will be the same


Thank you so much for replying back!


Happy birthday! /Cake day! <3


Oh you totally made the thread so we’d see it’s your birthday! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Thank you!


@framos1792 haha would I do that? Actually I got a lpu email saying they were giving me 20% off since it was my birthday so I decided to take advantage of that :joy:. Thank you though!


You never know hehehe maybe you were feeling lonely and were like hmmmm I could use a pick me up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m just messing with you,
I forgot to use mine :frowning: haha
Well enjoy the cake and presents and fun!


Aww next yr :+1::+1::sunglasses:


Do you guys know how long it takes to deliver if in the u.s?


@Honey8 @framos1792


I think last I ordered it took about a week to two to arrive, no more than that though but again I’m relatively close to LA


Oh okay i’m from Long beach, CA :joy:


Happy birthday


@lpgirlforlife8386 thanks :cupid:


I am sorry i am from India. + Never ordered LP stuff… Long story… :no_mouth::no_mouth:


@Honey8 it’s okay, I got an email confirmation that it shipped :blush:


I just ordered the same LPU 16 package (for the same reason as you :joy:) and it took roughly 8 - 10 business days to reach. Im from Canada so im sure itd probably arrive for you much sooner.


@zboyfresh nice :joy: I got the shipping confirmation today :blush:


I’m from Germany and it took like 6 weeks…