Lpu 17 album ?!


As an LPU member since V1, I am expressing an opinion, not “Bitchin”. I’ve seen what this fan club has been, I’m seeing what it currently is, and hopeful what it could become. I think the new LP APP is great and has gone through a lot of improvements since its release. But despite what you may think about my original post, I view it more as constructive criticism than “Bitchin”. You can look at the past years releases of the LPU as proof that this year’s package was rushed and/or not a lot of thought went into it. My suggestion was for the LPU staff to wait or delay the release of this years package due to all of the external factors hitting the band, staff, and fans. That is not too much for me to suggest, a paying member of the LPU year upon year. This isn’t “bitchin”.


I don’t even think that it was one of the guys posting. So they probably were told to release it and they wrote what they thought is right. That’s it. Whoever posted it didn’t have to explain or anything as they probably didn’t know anyway.

Loyal fans? Please! Complaining about lack of CD is really nice for “loyal fans”.
It’s like when I went to comic con this year and it turned out before the show one of the actors died and not even 5 mins after the news people were asking for refunds.
Be respectful. When Chester died we didn’t know of we’re gonna have another lpu. We still don’t know if the band will continue. But keep in mind the fact that if they won’t continue the LPU merch can and will be without CDs. It’s just a CD. Be more patient and they might add something later and it will blow your mind! So don’t complain and just be patient and wait.


Agreed… :sun_with_face:


Those comments I liked I agree totally… Be patient…they could hide behind their grief and do nothing but still they are active and that’s for us… Because they feel that they “have to give the love back”. Please don’t push them… They need time…

Edit to add: oh my dear God!!! I just saw the comments below their post on FB…


Keep it civil or I’ll close this thread, consider this a warning to all.


Well, that’s up to them if they want to give it. Either way, it wouldn’t change whether or not it will be late. And I am all for constructive criticism, I’ve given my share over that 16 years, but of all the years, this should be the one we cut them some slack if things aren’t perfect. Especially in the light of the last 4 months. If Lorenzo and the LP/LPU Staff have taught us anything, it’s that they make it up to us. Just have faith and patience.


I was very offended by @intheend’s language :stuck_out_tongue: you should ground her @derek muahaha


Loyal is not synonymous with patient.

Anyway, if they had the time to design merch why not get an LPU album out too (and yes I know they’re delaying it)? The only real purpose of the LPU now as it stands is the music. Otherwise they’re making you pay a membership for some crummy merch.

But I won’t bother arguing anymore since emotion is where logic goes to die.


They were a little hostile towards us @derek


Just a heads up that they are planning to let LPU MEMBERS ONLY stream LPU music for free digitally via the app. This is very helpful for different reasons and to different people, including myself. Also, $10 to just be a member is enough for me. There is still pride in being a member, at least for me. LPU is not solely for the music. And if it was, then people should just save themselves the $10 and listen to the music on youtube?


I was actually just kidding, I love @intheend’s moodiness for some reason
I think you’ve both got arguments there
But I don’t see the point of the infighting
Get along and let what will be, be
You’re not gonna get them to pull out a new lpu cd by uhh criticizing so just take it for what it’s worth, no ones pushing us to buy, the membership alone isn’t bad if you value the music stream/comaraderie here


You beat me to the point by a minute hehe


This thread contributes nothing. Just pushes negativity. Certainly not what Chester would have wanted.

LP and LPU staff are clearly still struggling and adapting to the recent events. I, for one, welcome the delay and think its favourable over a half-arsed rushed CD release just to appease some fans. I look forward to a physical CD or digital releases of new music over the next year.


I know.


@marcusarelius five other dweebs agreed with my statement.

@wyattbeav that’s cool.

@derek I think we should dress up in black bunny outfits and take over the lpu headquarters. I don’t think they will know it was us.

@framos1792 thanks fluff. I’ve never been grounded but I did try to jump in dardar’s arms before and he dropped me.

@jFar920 stop sending me fart sounds by phone.


Stream, so you pay and you don’t even get the music.

The price of a CD

As of right this moment it kinda is. I doubt there will be any new LPU 17 vids, and you won’t be getting M&Gs with pre sale tickets for concerts for blatantly obvious reasons. So it’s music and merch which is actually no better than normal merch.

Which is exactly what I do.

What I’m saying is that since Chester passed there is no longer a real reason to pay to be in the LPU other than exclusive tracks.

Humans often don’t like change and also become defensive when somebody doesn’t share the same views / ideals as them. Some are more emotional in their reactions. I’m not aiming this at anyone here, it’s literally human nature.

Good thing I’m a machine :stuck_out_tongue:


why? explain this


Because other benefits like M&Gs and ticket pre-sales won’t really be a thing anymore. At least not in the near future. And why pay a membership to get merch that can just as easily be available to non LPU members.


I think when we speak to terminator here, we need to speak in purely logical terms haha I mean logically speaking if he’s leaving out all the emotional connection to the band and people like me who think of him as a FRIEND here :rage::sob: (rude much) jk then it makes perfect sense, there’s no “perks” at the moment for being in LPU-not tangible ones at least like m&g opportunities early access etc because they won’t be touring anytime soon or doing much for now


Finally somebody who understands. That value for money just isn’t there anymore. They are asking too much for just some merch.