Lpu 17 album ?!


Speaking of merch…they just updated the web store with several new items


The lpu store or lp store?


The LP store has Fort Minor gear for its 12th birthday @marcusarelius


Up top ^^^^^^^^^^^^.


Everybody is high with emotion at the moment after Chester’s passing. The band, LPU staff, and fans alike. I understand frustration behind comments on here but when a close friend passes away it can be extremely draining, emotionally and mentally, and can often leave us feeling deflated and without energy.

Everything that the band has done following Chester’s untimely death is nothing short of amazing. They have been incredibly respectful to everyone involved, which is harder to do than you’d think.

If the band were to drop all these unreleased photos and tracks without consoling Chester’s friends and family about the appropriateness and the emotional hardship to actually go through both, it could be harmful to everyone. I can already see some publications ready to post “LINKIN PARK releases new material feat. dead singer in cash grab.” No matter what they did, it was going to upset somebody. They’re taking their time to consider a lot and I’m glad they are.

If you want to hold out until there are more physical benefits and more decisions have been made, I’m sure you’ll have no issue hanging around free forums, buying merch from the public store, and listening to audio elsewhere.

Otherwise there are fans that are still mourning and need the community now more than ever. That’s what many are still here for.

Aroha always to everybody here.