LPU 17 Deluxe Bundle Membership Missing - Help Please



So basically, I have two problems.

The first, main one, is that I ordered the LPU 17 Deluxe Bundle Membership which was about £90/$120, I paid for it, it shipped in January I think, and I still haven’t received it, and to top it off, I checked the shipping recently and it says it’s been “delivered” at an address in America last month in the middle of March. I live in the UK… It’s meant to come here, haha.

The second, slightly less important but still an issue, is that I bought an LPU digital membership for £10 when Chester passed back in June 2017, so I was expecting my membership status to update as I purchased this membership bundle, but it hasn’t.

I’ve contacted the Linkin Park Store regarding my problem, they said they can’t do anything about it.

I contacted USPS and I still haven’t received a reply yet.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Maybe @derek or @jFar920 could help you.


What email did you contact for the store? There are a few different Linkin Park stores, it’s possible you may have contacted one that had no control over that package.

Are you also sure you put the address in correctly?

Your profile also shows that you are an LPU member. What do you mean by the membership status updating?