LPU 17 membership bundles


Just wondering if anyone has received an email about their 17 membership bundles being sent out? The website said being mailed out as of the 13th December, but I haven’t heard anything since. This is my first year with underground membership so I’m not sure how long it takes :blush:


To the UK :uk:, any order from the LPU store can take 2 weeks minimum from my experience.


Not just LPU stuff, it’s like a rule of thumb anything from the US to the UK takes a min if 2 weeks.


I am in the US and I haven’t received anything yet either.


@leabear nope :confused:


I didnt even received a shipping email…I am from europe


I’m in Australia so everything takes even longer, but I was wondering if even the Americans had heard anything yet.


It going to take the Snail mail a couple of days to get to u no matter what you have got.


I’m in the US and I still haven’t received a shipping email either



I still don’t get it yet… I’m in Israel and it’s always taking 3 weeks…


I ordered the day it was available and I havent received anything, nor have I heard anything. Im in the US.


Seems like they started shipping. I got notification mine did.


I want my notification too :frowning:


I received a notification yesterday that mine was on its way!! Hope it doesn’t take to long to get out here


I haven’t had anything except for the email to thank me for purchasing, and the email with my receipt. I’m in the UK and ordered as soon as it was available as well.


I’ve already get the email.my LPU 17 membership bundles has been shipped…thanks Linkin Park :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hi, I’ve ordered my LPU17 package on 22 November to UK but it has not even been shipped yet (I just got the order confirmation e-mail). I was trying to contact fullscreen direct but they don’t answer. It’s been more than 4 months so I’m worried if I’ll ever get it. What should I do? Do anybody know who I can contact to get any ino?
Thanks for help


I guess an email to the lpu-headquarter could help: lpuhq@lpunderground.com