LPU 17 Membership renewal


Hey there LP family
My current membership is due to expire on 24th April but I purchased the deluxe LPU17 bundle, so will the included membership automatically renew on 25th April?
The order confirmation email had a link in it supposedly to a code to redeem membership but there wasn’t anything there, so I’m confused now.
I emailed support but haven’t had a reply


You are supposed to get a code, wait for email from support. Update us here if anything changes or it takes awhile for support to answer.


Hello there.

Was your problem solved?
I am having the same trouble myself. My subscription was automatically renewed, there wasn’t anything in my cart in order to redeem membership and once I figured out how to fix this, the code is now ineligible.

Any update would be helpful.

Thank you in advance.


I’m a bit confused about what problem you’re having. I don’t have the auto renewal on myself so I might not understand where you’re coming from. Your original code is not working, or the new one?


My message was to srob1978. I pressed the “reply” button to the post in general and not to him directly). So sorry for the confusion.

The problem is pretty much similar to the one srob1978 was/is having. I renewed my subscription, pressed the link in the confirmation email to redeem my coupon, but the cart was empty.
Few days later I had an idea of how this could be solved, so I signed in, went to the store and then placed the bundle that corresponded to my subscription in my cart. The coupon was taken automatically, but when I proceeded to the “check out” step (where I was supposed to write my address and banking info) I got the message that my code was ineligible.

Again, sorry for the confusion.


Hi there
Yes it was :grinning:
I emailed FSDsupport@fullscreen.com and they added it to my account manually.

They sorted it the next day :+1:t2:


So glad that your problem was solved, and so fast too :smiley: !

I am trying to solve the problem for the past 3 weeks, both by email (the one you used) and the contact form I was prompted to, but no luck :-(.
Hope I’ll manage to sort things out, eventually.