LPU 17 Membership


So I’m a relatively new addition to the LPU, and was just wondering. Do I have to buy a new LPU membership, or does it renew?

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Depends on how you have it set up. Go to https://linkinpark.com/me and click manage membership to see.


Ok thank you!


I will ask here too. Payment methods. I don’t find anywhere information what are the options? It talks about credit under the information about the bundle but I don’t have credit card.


If you don’t have credit card, you can use debit card.


Thank you! That was kinda nerve-racking, lol


i didn’t renew my membership since i last joined during the years of lpu 2.0 to 3.0 as the prices increased i couldn’t maintain to afford another membership. if i decided to reactivate my previous lpu membership user how will this work? and is there anyway to check past membership accounts to link with this current one. as i’m thinking about getting another membership.


LP Underground has changed platforms quite a few times since LPU 3. Everything before LPU 11 doesn’t exist anymore


I’m upgrade my membership


?!?!?!?! i don’t remember who was running the fanclub at the time i joined but i paid $25 for the bundle package,then when they made the membership to $65 after 3.0 thats when i couldn’t afford the fanclub anymore. so are you saying to reactivate a previous lpu membership and link that account to this user if i decide to get a membership later on that my previous account cannot be found?


I doubt your previous account will be recognized. I have been a member since V1 and for some reason my account says I’ve been a member since V10.


That’s because when LPU X came out the previous years info was left behind when we left Sparkart.


Noones accounts from the first nine years that LPU exist anymore. Nothing was transferred when the platforms changed during LPU X, but everything after that has been kept. The account you have now that you are posting from would be the account you would most likely be using for a new membership

Edit: Maybe next time I should scroll down all the way before replying so I’m not saying the same thing @derek already said


Oh man that sucks…i liked my account with the previous lpunderground. Plus, it was more affordable back in 2000. $40 yearly is still highly expensive im guessing its because of the corporation running the fanclub now. Bring back sparkart!


It’s more expensive now because that was 17 years ago. Everything was cheaper 17 years ago.