Lpu and LP store combo


Not sure if this is the right area, but was wondering if for future web developments it would be possible to be able to combine shopping at the lpu store and LP store for lpu members, that way those of us who live across the world wouldn’t have entirely horrendous shipping for when we want to add to our shrines :slight_smile:


Completely support this! International shipping plus currency conversion makes purchasing very expensive.


Some years ago it used to be that we could use an lpu code that they send to ya each membership and we could use that in the LP store, maybe something like that could be done again? I garuntee I would spend enough money in the store to more than cover any difference they spent with a difference in shipping with a reduction in cost.


That would be pretty nice actually, maybe something just like “store.linkinpark.com” and “store.linkinpark.com/lpu”. Prices in the LPU one can rise though


The LP store would most likely have to merge with the LPU store, and not the other way around, because of how the LPU memberships are connected to the LPU store. Either way, as easy as it would sound for the users of the stores, I don’t think it is going to happen anytime soon