Lpu app


Why don’t you make a lpu application


There already is :slight_smile:


If that is what you’re looking for then here: http://www.linkinpark.com/profiles/blogs/new-lpu-iphone-app


There is already LPU app & Groundctrl app on iPhone.


Yeah they already have one for iOS. They should make it for Android as well though


This cuz I’m poor and I can’t buy Apple things ._.


The LPU app just support this themes: News, Events, Photos, Videos, Store and Instagram.
That’s nice but I visit this parts of the LPU very occasionally. The most important thing would be access to the FORUM. I hope that LPUHQ will add this soon too. Also chat access would be cool.


The app still has the LPU11 design, that needs to get changed. I doubt chat will ever come to the app as long as LPU uses Tinychat, but I hope forums get added

EDIT: After I posted this, I started to make my own edit to the app, and here is my LPU12 theme


That’s looking pretty damn cool. It’d make a great design for 12 :slight_smile:


Thank you. I also made a video just now of it, nothing new or different is shown though


I would love an app like that, TripleXero… nice desing, bro!


If anyone has the app on iOS and is Jailbroken, I can go through the steps to make it look like that if they want