LPU Chat - Never online?


Hey guys, just wondering why there is never someone online in the LPU Chat?! Am I doing something wrong or is it just coincidence?

Always love to meet and chat with other LP fans :smile:


I think it’s just that not to many know about it or they find it boring cause no ones ever on


Right - i find it boring cause no one’s ever on. Hahahaha


Simply because it’s boring now and it has changed so much. No one goes in there unless there’s a band chat going on.


Nice to meet you :smile:


:slight_smile: Nice to meet you, too


Can I simply go on wednesday in the chatroom and write Mike?
I´m not so long a member here and so… I don´t know how it works :confused:


Well, there will be quite some people online trying to chat with hin :slight_smile: so he cant really respond to everything. But good luck :smile:


Yeap, sure you can. But like Leilia says, there will be a ton of people in there so he won’t be able to actually keep up with the chat (well, it’ll be so fast he won’t be able to read it) but you can try. Keep in mind to read the rules though, you don’t wanna get yourself banned from the chat!


Okay. Thank you! :smile: @evooba @leilia


I used to be there every day, I’ve just been distracted lately


well,then maybe we’ll chat some time soon :smiley:


unfortunately I haven’t been able to utilize the chat features more because high school apparently is a thing


I never really get the opportunity to chat to other LPU members in the chat. Not only because there’s rarely people on but also because my internet limit each month is really small. Flash can use up a lot of my internet :frowning:


I think it all depends on your timezone, and what time you visit. Some days are busier than others. Certain times of the day see more of a crowd than others.

I remember when I first joined the LPU (2008), there were a good few people there on a regular basis. It kept me going back night after night.

With all the changes the LPU’s gone through the last few years, and price hikes to the membership, overtime, it’s lost its edge.

When there’s a few people there, though, it’s definitely a great place to be, I think.