LPU CHAT on phone


hey is anyone able to use the chat on their phones?
if so how do you guys do it.
I remember back wheb I had a LG revolution phone I was anle to view the chat but now that I have a Samsung Galaxy can’t seen to open it…

I will be at work tomorrow during the chat with chief…just hopping I can watch it…:I


Unless your phone supports flash, it is not possible right now


Tinychat has released an android app, but they don’t support Nexus 7 for some really bizarre reason so I can’t test it to see if a private room like LPU can be visited.



I think it should be able to enter the LPU chat with the lpu app. It isn’t but it definetly should be! But I don’t think the upcoming chat will be that interesting… there was no chat with a band member in lpu13 yet… this is disappointing!


Tinychat app does not work. It will join for a split second, and say a guest joined in the normal chat, but will kicked you out. The older version used to work, but doesn’t anymore either


LPU chat is not available on LPU iPhone app. As of now developers at ground CTRL are working on a mobile chat platform for band member chats. We will be testing it sometime in the near future with Lorenzo before it will be used for band member chats. It will only be used for these chats. Tiny chat will still be used for daily LPU chat room. As of now tiny chat works on some android devices but from what I know you can only be in the chat, watch the video & see comments but can’t comment.

I wish that we could just one like the vyrt used by 30STM when they announced the carnivores tour!


It would be nice… I would live a chat more active than this… I’ve just go to the chat but I was alone.


Thank you fir the info. Aldo I do remember being able to watch the chay but not comment. So a phone chat room will definitely be helpful