LPU Chat VyRT or not?


So officially is the LPU chat now on VyRT or still on the out of date TinyChat?

If its on VyRT how does one access it? The access codes?



I believe that this year they are back on TinyChat for band chats, or at the least, not on VyRT anymore.

VyRT never seemed to work correctly for everyone, and was a bit of a pain to explain how to access it, so that could be the reason they dropped it.

If I’m wrong though, the codes are found on your dashboard at http://linkinpark.com/account not long after a band chat is announced, otherwise the VyRT chat isn’t used and the TinyChat is used for casual chats with other LPU members


Yes, all the chats will be on linkinpark.com/chat again. :slightly_smiling:


I’m super glad the chats are gonna be back on tinychat. VYRT never worked and I missed all the chats last year. I’ll take the spamming and craziness anytime over missing them out again.