LPU Chris Cornell Crawling


I heard that if you bought songs from the Underground you would get a link to download the Cornell collaboration crawling as a digital extra. I bought a hard copy and it wasn’t I’m there, and then found out it was free to diwnload as part of LPU. I can’t see it anywhere, is it not available to buy anywhere?


It seems that it’s not available because it was an extra or because the platform has been changed. Anyway, you can find it on the web. Btw I’m also interested in receiving this song (I’ve bought the digital edition a few month ago)


Actually there were two performances of this, one on Chris’ birthday, one not. Not sure which version was the LPU exclusive.


It was more than twice. He performed it with Linkin Park every show of that tour.


The free download the LPU was given was from the July 18, 2008 show in Burgettstown, PA


So I take it the exclusive LPU version is no longer able to be bought/downloaded etc?


Not anymore, no.