Lpu digital download


Alrightly so I have a dumb question for you guys. So please bare with me lol
ok so my lpu12membership is expiring in Jan. and I just wated to purchase lpu13 so I can have the laminate before they stop selling them because of lpu14 so I purchased the Digital download but aftet purchasing I noticed that on the description it doesnt say anything about getting a laminate with the digital download. Im not familiar with this specific lpu membership because I usually get the lpu+ bundle and well I assumed it was supposed to include the laminate as well since they always ask for it at concerts m&gts ect… anyhow… um I was just wondering if im receiving a Laminate on the mail or not lol .if not well atleast I got to extend me membership for another year hehe. Ps Cant wait for LPU14 I BET ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!! (Also im sad I didn’t get tickets for the almost acoustic Christmas concert I was so looking forth to seeing SOAD for the second time Rise against for the first time And LP for the second time this year…damn tickets sold out so fast!..:"( . )yeah im sorry I talk too much! bye ^-^


In LPUXIII you must purchase all the stuff seperately in the “shop”. There you can buy the laminate for 5$ or something…


Ohh no way! I didn’t notice the laminate being sold separately! Oh well either way im so out of it. Lol