LPU Early Entry


So me and my two sisters are going to see LP Jan 30th @ Mohegan Sun and I was wondering how the early entry works? Is there a certain time we should show up? How does it all work? Thanks!


you will probably get an intimation from the team. You can alternately call up the venue/organisers and ask for further clarification


You will find the informations on this Site and Lorrenzo also Twitter the information with Fotos of the Place , at the day of the concert.
It’s start mostly about 1 or 1 1/2 Hour befor the normal opening!


I had an early entry pass at the o2 arena here in the uk you go in before people with a standred ticket get in and once you picked where to stand/where your seating then the rest of the people with a standred ticket will come in hope i helped.


I just called BankersLife Fieldhouse and they said we get a 30 minute early entry. You go in and they direct you.


Since we’re on the topic, does anyone know how lpu will work at rock in rio?


I wondered that too. They haven’t announced it yet. I wasn’t sure how we prove we’re in the LPU though to even get early entry.


If there is early entry there you use your Lanyard to get in. Gates open at 3pm and linkin park doesn’t perform till 930pm so doubtful there will be one.


What if I don’t have a lanyard? I didn’t pay to get one


Normally they don’t have early entry on festivals…

Last june, in switzerland, I just stood from 2:00 pm until 01:00 am in the first row, lol^^


So nothing special for the festival except if you win the contest for the meet and greet?


For Rock in Rio there is the meet up on Thursday and then the meet and greet contest.