LPU forum for those who think they own it


i love being on the froum to see what people are talking about but seems some think they own it when they dont people have the right to have there point of view if others dont like it simple dont read it or dont comment



Such as?

None of us think that they/we own the forum and we certainly don’t stop people from expressing themselves. I don’t see why you feel this way. You seem to make a lot of complaints about this and it’s getting quite irritating as it always ends up being an argument.

But isn’t that stopping them from sharing their opinion? I sense hypocrisy.


really nice vid, thanks for posting @Chris_Styles:yum: , but here inside it´s the wrong place to blame on and complain on everytime sth new, Why don´t ya create a new topic calling like spit it out or so, where everybody cn spit what he likes to, but then at least one threat and not 10 at least, doubled posted not counted, :yum::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t see how you expect us to comment and share OUR opinion when you can’t accept it since it seems to almost always be different than yours. Plus, you always attack whoever says something in general cause you think it is about you cause you misread what they/we write.

Also, since I’ve seen some comments here and there, try not to accuse the HQ and other members about everything and then maybe people will stop replying to you with a “different” opinion or “attack” you as you may think.


@The_early_walker if you read my post i did not blame anyone ok :wink:


@EvoOba nope you mistake my opion for attacking i did explaine this before to you in a message but seems you still not understanding :wink:


So why make the post and insinuate that some of us assume that the forum is ours? If you’re going to make random complains and/or accusations be prepared to name and shame otherwise stop making unnecessary threads that server no real purpose.

Because you’re not being that clear.


@the_termin8r1 not stopping anyone from having there say but some here do like to stop me from having my say on anything in the forum and always mistake my opion for aggresiveness what its not that way i did explaine before but seems some just still not understanding :wink:


When you go about calling people names, saying they are stupid and that they know nothing is attacking. A form of it is also believing that you (or whoever else) that may have X amount of merch of has seen the band X amounts of times is better than anyone else, These have been stated before by you that’s why I’m mentioning them btw.

And as Rob says, you aren’t being clear enough, that’s true. I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re trying to say a lot of times. But you also seem to not get we are trying to say as well some times so I guess that makes two of us.


Like I said, names. Otherwise your complaint is both irritating and meaningless.


@the_termin8r1 i cant put it more clear than i cant seem to have my opioin on anything if i do say something then i get told its aggresive when its not so if people dont understand thats not my problem :slight_smile:


Yes, but who are these people?


well two are here now @EvoOba @The_early_walker


@EvoOba i never called anyone stupid or said they they dont know nothing so think you got that wrong :wink:


You might not think the way you comment and address other people is not aggrevise but it actually is. Most of the time you’re attacking people.

I just don’t get why you’re always like this… maybe it’s your way of communicating? Dunno, from my perspective your manners weren’t cool.

Oh and, yeah you have actually. You called me names and all that stuff I mentioned above. I flagged you for them and the HQ took your comments down because they were indeed offensive and against the code of conduct.


@EvoOba so if thats the case why did i never get anything from LPUHQ ?about my comments ?


@The_early_walker you sent me a private message to tell me off and put buddie on the end


so now i will just say what i feel if people dont like that tough because i will say what i need to if thats ok with everyone :slight_smile:


Why would they message you? They just deleted the comments… If they messaged every single person that was flagged, they wouldn’t have time to do anything else.