LPU hockey fans


How many of you guys like ice hockey?


I just came across this post so I thought I’d share… I do!!! :slight_smile:


I do! Big montreal canadiens fan


I was a Tampa Bay Lightning fan until they traded Martin St. Louis last week. I’ll always have a spot for them in my heart. They were my team for 10 years, but they were my favorite 'cos they had St. Louis. Now he’s a NY Ranger, so now I’m a Rangers fan.


I live 45 minutes outside of Chicago in Indiana. Blackhawks all day baby!!!


i’m stoked the Bruins won the president’s cup - hoping they’ll go all the way in the Stanley Cup playoffs this year! last year’s stanley cup finals was pretty great - believe it or not, Adam (old LPU admin) called the results right during his going away party chat (Blackhawks won in 6)!