LPU Laminate for early entry or other concert perks?


Does anyone know if the LPU laminate + lanyard gets you in early for concerts still? Specifically the Chicago show at Tinley Park for the GA Pit area. In the past I’ve had had the LPU Laminate for the LPU Summit at the United Center in Chicago (incredible event and show) which got me front row/center for the pit. I had the laminate for the following year’s show at Tinley Park, but I don’t recall if it was required for early entry (still got front row and just about center). But I know I got there super early. So for this year, the LPU membership is $10, but to get the tier with the laminate + lanyard is $40. It’s worth the extra $30 if it gets early access, but if not and it’s just a “souvenir” then not so much. Especially since the concert ticket apparently came with a free CD or download of One More Light, completely unidentified in the ticket purchase. Which is great - except I already preordered One More Light through the site weeks ago, so now I’ll have two CDs.

Does anyone know?