LPU M&G Download question


I bought first day ticket to Download fest long time ago, so I could see LP and ADTR. I’ve won M&G contest so I have an important question.
Will the M&G be inside the festival or will it be out there? Because people who just have one day pass cant go out the place… If we go out, we wont be able to go inside again, so I wouldnt be able to see the show.

Thank you.


M&Gs take place backstage so don’t worry.


Great!! have fun! :smile:


Ufff thank you so much!! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!!! :slight_smile: Its the first time Im gonna see them alive too, so Im so nervous!


Oh i can understand…
Congo…you are gonna see them live…
I havent.:anguished:


Congrats @theman_eddie ! I’ve been selected to the M&G too and I was wondering the same! I’ll see you there! I’m freaking excited, omg!!

Anybody knows what time they usually hold the M&G? At the beginning of a festival or a little time before their own show?

And another question: before the festival starts, do we have to line up in order to get in time to the M&G or do we have a direct entrance because of the M&G? So that we don’t need to wait in line.

Thank you in advance.


M&Gs usually take place during the show of the support act. Time of it should be in the email of confirmation.