LPU Meet and Greet/Early entry questions


Hello all!
I’m seeing Linkin Park live on January 27th in Hershey PA and I just joined the LPU yesterday.

Now, I was wondering if the meet and greet opportunities listed with the LPU subscription are at concerts or at separate events? And if they’re at concerts, how can I find out if the one I’m going to will have this opportunity?

As for the early entry, I was wondering where I can find out where and when the early entry takes place for my concert.
Thanks to anyone who replies!!! :slight_smile:


Meet and greets occur at shows and summits. That’s all I know of.
Early entries are usually advised of the day of the show at the latest. I’ve only gained early entry when I’ve purchased a VIP ticket though so idk what early entry really gets you aside from being inside quicker than others. If you have specific meet and greet questions please PM me. I went to one last summer and potentially one on Sunday if Chester is ok.