LPU Meet Up in London?


Anyone want to help organise an LPU Meet Up in 2014 for London and surrounding cities?

  • Em


Good idea - I’m surprised there hasn’t been an official LPU Meetup in London so far.

If you like to organize one, contact Lorenzo at lpuhq@lpunderground.com. He might be able to help you.

Good luck!


Hey Emii,
please contact LPUer Harriszs, who has organized meetups in London since forever, they’ve just never been official so far. I’m sure, he will help you to organize it. As An said, please message Lorenzo in order to make the meetup an official event.


I’d love an “Offical” LPU meet up, i have been to most of the meet ups in London & they’ve been great, always good to meet up with fellow LP fans & LPUers.