LPU Member but according to my account i'm not?


Hi there
I’m a LPU member, bought the LPU17 membership last nov, but in my account it says that i’m not…?
is it already lpu18 and I missed that?
It’s too bad, cause I’d like to use the pre-sale for mikes cologne show…

… i put in in here cause i dind’t find a mail-address for any help…


@derek or @jFar920 can help you.

And welcome to the forum.


thank you! also for your fast reply :wink:


Welcome new member! :sun_with_face:

A mail address for support is this:


But wait for moderators that know better how to help you… :wink:


I would also send an e-mail to



thank you both :+1:


Welcome! :grin:


Have you redeemed your code, the one you got via email when you joined?


I’m not sure… and now I can’t find that email amymore…


Well, I had exactly the same problem. I contacted the support on fullscreen and they told me that I purchased before logging in my account. They changed it :slight_smile: Good luck! I’m sure they’ll help you.


thank you all. they now ‘fixed’ it :sunglasses: