LPU member, but can't access LPU sub-forums


I’ve had an ongoing issue since LPU 15 launched where I can’t access any of the LPU forums, just the public LP.com ones. My current membership expires on 11/7/2016, and I also added another month to my membership with the 30-day trial code. All other LPU website features function just fine for me, but when I log into the forums, I can only see/access the following forums in the drop-down menu:

Help/Site Feedback
Linkin Park
Linkin Park Live
The Barracks
Side and Solo Projects
Code of Conduct/Rules

When I check my old notifications and click on a link to a topic in an LPU sub-forum that I’ve previously posted in, like this one: Frankfurt Festhalle 17/11/2014 Audio Download

I get the following message: “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”

As I said, I’m a currently active LPU member, and obviously SHOULD have access to the LPU forums. I messaged back and forth with Lorenzo on Twitter for a while about this, and he told me to “send me a message at LPUHQ” about it. I thought he meant the LPU HQ user account on here, so I sent a message on December 13th about it, and was promptly told to “Please email any questions to lpuhq@lpunderground.com.” So you can see my message, acknowledge it, and reply to it, but simply can’t do a thing about it, even though you’re likely one of the people who responds to emails sent to the address you told me to email anyway? That’s a facepalm-inducer for sure, but whatever, fine…I sent an email to said email address the following day, December 14th…and have not received a response. Awesome.

So yeah, help?


As dumb as it sounds, try changing your name and logging out of the forums and see what it does. It seems like the main site’s data doesn’t push through sometimes if the name or profile picture doesn’t change, so I had an idea that might do something. Can’t really test it myself since the forums work for me


call @lpuhq at least, I had the same prob with the “when&where” Topic, wrote a message and

my access was open again, don´t feel sth, it just about 0000111101010111000etc…lol :sunglasses:


Hmmm… could they be closed because of the holidays? Still, it’s been almost a month… have you tried contacting Wonderful Union? I know they’re not the best when it comes to help but you could try. What about the company that provides the forums? (Discover something I think they’re called). Hope you can figure it out.

@The_early_walker That’s because it was locked for some reason. I changed it back and you could all see it again.


@evooba oh, thank you, I only noticed, that my access was free again lol :blush:


I have exactly the same problem and cant access any sub forum :frowning: how did you fix it?


Name change shouldn’t make a difference, but logging out of the forum (not just LPU, but the actual forum too) and logging back in should straighten it out.


you should be good to go now


You should be good to go now


Thank you Matt! You always rock ! : )


hey man and dog, how do you manage to get your own badge? And such a nice one, how to achieve? have I to become Matt or what? @Matt?


Yup, fixed now, thanks!


hah, i forgot that even existed.


that´s live,
you got one and forgot it
me I´m not even the owner of a lpu one :sweat: lol



Hi @TripleXero


Fixed :slightly_smiling:


:kissing_heart:, have created just a new topic to share my joy, thanx really, that´s spirite…


I can’t access the sub-forums either, even though I have a full membership. How can I fix it?


you should be good now


Thanks! :smiley: