Lpu Members Tickets


Basically how many tickets can one account on LPU 11 membership buy? also if i can buy 2 then can i take my non lpu friend with me to see the show? Last question where can my friend go if i go to the meet and greet before hand? I’m a person that worries about these things and i would like them clarified please:D THANKYOU to anyone that helps!


yes you can take your friend to the show, and he should go inside the venue and wait for LP or drink something during your M&G :wink:



Tickets for the show you can buy any you can find, meet and greet are given out not bought, the summit you can only get one ticket per account and they are sold out, some of us are staying in a group at the hyatt, so you could do that if your staying over on thursday or friday night, just check my other thread and post confirmation there if you want to stay with the other LPUers for the summit or concert.


I am in the same situation. I just ended up getting an extra LPU member pass for my sis because I wanted her to sign up for the meet and greet to, so that I don’t go by myself and she isn’t kept waiting at the upcoming concert. It is only $20 when you pre-order Living Things. Just crossing my fingers we both get a meet and greet pass, otherwise it is all in in vain.