LPU Membership is not active after purchase


Hey guys!
I know this might have been asked a dozen of times, but I really hope you can either help me out or just point to the solution thread.

I’ve been around LPU since LPU 5.0 but for the last couple of years I didn’t prolong my LPU membership. With the announcement of the new season I thought that I want to renew my subscription again. So I went and purchased the $89 package. Looks awesome btw!
The sum has been charged from my bank account but my membership status is still “LinkinPark.com account” and in my profile it says “Legacy Member”. Tried logging out, was waiting for a couple of hours, nothing changed.

Any idea what I can do?



@jFar920 or @derek


@xsarionplays any luck after viewing the link @evooba posted?

Edit: I see now you said you found the code in the other topic. Glad you figured it out!


Yeah, thanks! I’ve posted the resolution post here.