LPU order not yet shipped


I ordered an LPU bundle a month ago and it still says it hasn’t shipped and was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this problem or if it’s normal for their orders to take this long as I am a new member. Any help is great thanks!


Yes mines the same
Last year it took a while too
Just requires a bit of patience but you’re ok :slight_smile:


Thank you so much really appreciate it!


It takes a while, hang in there.


I ordered mine as well in November and haven’t received it yet. Hope to have it by the end of this month. Trying to be patient…:expressionless:


If you guys are referring to the LPU 17 packages, I don’t believe anyone has received them yet. I live in the US and bought it the day it was announced, so I’d be one of the first to get it, and I haven’t either, so you aren’t alone. They were stated to be starting to be shipped around the 13th of this month, and with Christmas, it’s possible things just got a little behind with that


Hey, is the status still “not yet shipped” for you guys? I ordered just as they released it, but I ordered from Sweden so I just want to check


Just in case you were still wondering, they still are slowly being shipped


thank you LP…finally its coming…:star_struck: