LPU pack 16, missing Guitar pick


Hi, today i’ve received my LPU pack. I opened it but I discovered that there wasn’t the guitar pick.
I also obtained LPU package 15 … is a problem in case i’ve to partecipate to live concert?


Are you 100% sure it’s missing and it didn’t get stuck somewhere in the folded t-shirt or something? That’s usually the case.
Also, did you order a LPU16 but received the items from 15? If so, you should contact the HQ.


I’ve ordered a LPU 15 in november 2016 but in 2017 there’s some concerts… Have I the chance to partecipate to Meet & something else?
Also, i wear the shirt and opened my CD and my tube with the photo but I didn’t find anything.


As long as you have an active membership you won’t have any issues with being eligible for m&gs.


'k, ty. What’s about the guitar pick? How can i contact lp?


hmm, you can try tweeting Lorenzo or emailing the HQ.


Can u link me the HQ mail, pls?




ty for ur support man. Can i contact it using gmail?


You can use whatever you want, it’s how email works.


two threads for a guitar pick? And ya call me hysteric?


I wanted so much this guitar pick… Also coz I play guitar lol


gimme just ya gender, :joy: you just must be (fe)male ;


Wow, u’r really funny.
U’ve not to discuss about this, if u don’t care about a guitar pick. I’ve seen that a lot of members didn’t find the pick and i asked 4 where it could be or if I could contact someone for help. I’ve asked nothing to you.


that was meant for fun really :joy:
sent me ya adress I gift ya mine…
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