LPU past albums question


So with LPU15, besides the 6 upfront tracks, there are 6 others given every other month until next LPU album. Was this method done in the past? I don’t recall so.


No, only time this was done was with Mike’s Fort Minor fan club, Militia. The songs were released each month.


LPU 8 and 9 had one song you could download, but they weren’t announced beforehand I think


Lockjaw? …


That and I think Crawlimg live featuring Chris Cornell. I’m slightly worried about that actually, since those two songs can only be found illegally now, same with some of the Living Things remixes. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to LPU15’s songs


We’ll see. It’s sad though that all 6 of the available songs are already up on YT.


I would have rather seen all twelve songs on the CD. I like having the physical copies, and having all the songs in one place is less of a hassle.

I’ve said it before, but nothing’s more aggravating than seeing LPU content shared with the general public, and on YouTube, like it’s nothing. I’ve only heard the samples of the new songs on the Discography page. I’ll get my first listen when my CD arrives in the mail.

Was it Crawling with Chris Cornell? I feel like it was Hunger Strike…


Yeah I’d prefer it if all the songs were included as well.
Waiting for my package to arrive too to listen to the full songs.
About the LPU content being uploaded elsewhere, I fully agree and it’s even sadder that the major fansites support it and share all those LPU exclusives on their sites. (for example, LPL posted a video of one of the songs that’s on the LPU 15 cd yesterday).

Can’t remember which one was the other song, LPU 8 was ages ago :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, I was wrong. It was Crawling



sure it was “hungerstrike”, never heard they made a live version of crawling together, but if this exists, pl let me know where, would be a great one…@TripleXero
For me the people sharing things to public are really traitor, brainbutts at least :flushed: so whoever heard whatever new?:sunglasses: How was your reaction to the first songs?


saw the link of @lp13413 would like to see/hear it! Can´t find it on the linked side,


I know, the site went down for maintenance right after I linked it.


F++++++ B+++++++!!! but thanx to ya :stuck_out_tongue:


FYI, Hunger Strike was included on Songs From The Underground, and Chris Cornell was featured on Crawling every show for Projekt Revolution 2008.