LPU Plug-Air Problems


Hi everybody, Hope you’re having a good day. I received my lpu 13 package a few days ago and I tried to use the plug air, yet it won’t work. i checked the faq’s and tried their suggestions, but whenever i plug it in it just scans for a few seconds and then says error. Can anybody help me reach a solution?


This happened to me for months and then one day it started working! The only solution that fixed my problem was to wait [sad]


Damn, I was hoping for an option that didn’t include waiting! Thanks though.


Just try to fiddle around with it. Turn your volume down or up all the way, unplug it and plug it back in, close the Plug-Air app before plugging it in or plug it in after it opens. On my phone I had no issues the first try, but trying on another phone I had to mess with it


Is LP gonna give us more content for the Plug-Air soon?


Doesn’t work for my device just jet -_-


My Plug-Air doesn’t work too!
I don’t have a solution yet! Sucks!