LPU Point System?


Hello everyone!

I’m Jack, I was wondering how the point system works on here nowadays because I’m pretty sure it has changed and I am very confused [eek]

I know if you go to the ‘points’ section on your profile it tells you but I thought there were more ways.

For example, I was under the impression we got 10 points for posting a blurb or a forum - is this not the case anymore?

Thanks guys, have a great day! [biggrin]


You will get 10 points for posting a blurb and 1 points for commenting on others blurb or LPU announcement post.

But there are no points for posting or commenting on forum topics.


awesome, cheers


How did these points work? Like what can we use them for


As far as I know, the point system is no longer in place. There is a similar system in place on the official Linkin Park app, but I don’t believe they can be used to purchase anything on there


Im new here and also curious about the point system. There are also gifts that we can send each other, maybe buy them with those points?


The point system no longer exsist- and we got nothing for our saved points when it happened- back in 16 ( if I remember it right it was with the migration…)