LPU Pre-Sale Tickets Ship Date?


This may have been posted before (sorry if it has) but do you know when they tickets will ship if you bought through the LPU Pre-Sale? Im going to the August 21st show im Michigan…


I’m going to the show on August 17th in Camden, NJ. Says my tickets will be shipped Au 3rd. So roughly two weeks before the show.
Hopefully it’ll be sooner.


ill be going to the august 24th show and mine will ship out august 10th. yours will probably ship a few days before mine do.


I’m going to the Aug 27th show, and I got my tickets in today! Posted a forum pic abt it.


I’m going to the Chula Vista show on 9/10 and I’ve received my tickets 5/31. Hope that helps:)


checked my order for the 9/8 Home Depot Center, Los Angeles, CA. It says going to ship on 8/4