LPU "Radio" Style Room on plug.dj


I’ve somewhat been away from the community for a while now, but since I’ve been gone, I found out about a website called plug.dj. On this website, you sign up and are put in a room of choice where you are put in a list to play your music with various other people, much like a private radio station.

I decided to make an unofficial one located at https://plug.dj/lpunderground, you guys should check it out, it’s pretty fun!

The music is taken from YouTube and Soundcloud, so anything you can find on those websites is fair game for the playlists.


you have been gone for long. Come back!


Bumping this thread because this site is awesome. Some of us are in it right now, check it out guys!


Double Bump! Got 4 1/2 of us listening right now, come join us! https://plug.dj/lpunderground


Ya’all need to join this chat made by @TripleXero because it is totally awesome-o and fun!


To anyone who isn’t a member:

This is a great chat that Xero has worked on. If you’re a fan of all kinds of music and wish to share your own and chat to other members then this is the place for you.


I’d just like to point out though, I didn’t make the site itself, just the community on the site :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to be on all the time except for when I’m sleeping or in college (tue-thu).


Ya’all should obey the hypnotoad, ya’all should come to the chat!


I feel like I should point out some stuff since the page caught on a bit more now and there seems to be a little confusion:

  1. I didn’t make the chat or website itself. It’s run by plug.dj. I just made a community on the website, and the chat is just part of it. Kinda like when you make a group on Facebook.
  2. It’s completely unofficial. Linkin Park/LPU has nothing to do with it.
  3. The donate button on there that some times shows up is to donate to the plug.dj website, not me or Linkin Park.

I’d put it in the main post but I can’t edit it anymore


@TripleXero: congrats, you make us joining, we´ve all a lot offun there, but even me thought you designed this site, and I was very impressed! Now I´m still impressed cause of the fun I´ve there, still didn´t found time to make a “cool” playlist, such one will take time, but it´s weekend…so thanks for the link, I enjoy it, the boodies shaking dj, it´s all funny stuff, I gonna be a regular guest at our parties, cya this evening…


There’s 10 of us on now, stop by soon!

Also I’m going to school for website design, so maybe someday I can make something this cool myself


@TripleZero take a short look at the Topic Who is in charge of LPU?, Lorenzo quoted your link!! Success! :+1:


Thanks Jordan, it’s really fun, finally re-united with you guys :3, more fun than lpuchat :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for creating the page and nostalgic playlist :smile:
It’s been a while since I listened to POD and the likes. Cool playlist, and a good initiative. I hope you will do great stuff with the website design course :smiley:


Lol, I’m officially addicted to this place. I’ve spent the best part of 16 hrs in 2 and a bit days and I’ve got 48 PLs :grimacing: I’m actually on right now.


OMG, motivated a lot lol :stuck_out_tongue:


The result of boredom. I’m still on, Eva and Xero are here too


I’m too lazy to make an account for there.


It’s quick, you don’t even need to verify it. It’s good fun you should join.