LPU Russia ?!


Made this topic just 4 the hell of it ^^
Yet I wonder how many russian LPUers r here =)


Here we are! :smiley:


omg how many of U ))))


I’m here lol


Russia love LP sooo much[biggrin]! 11th LPU rockin’[cool]


Hehey! I’m here! :smiley:


yo wassup
it’s Mother-Russia.
and we rock.
lots of love from the southern Russia!


woo-hoo! here we are! ))


I’m here =)


I’m here with you, guys)


Russian Balalayka Bears mafia is here!!! XDDDDD


Hi, everyone!
I’m with you too.


Well I’m still thinking what to write here? :slight_smile:


Mbl 3Decb. =)


Yes! I’m here too! Russia rocks!)) Let’s improve our love to LP! Together we are the power! :stuck_out_tongue:
My name is Alexandra, welcome to my friends, who’s not yet… :wink:
Aaand… we’re waiting for more russians here in LPU, right?))


Is posting in Russian allowed or is the forum English only?


Umm I don’t know but fans from Germany, Spain and France are posting in their languages. I mean in their special topics. So maybe it’s allowed.


I am also here)))
Nice to know that Russian fans in LPU is becoming more and more!


And i’m here =)


Сейчас проверим. Kak variant translit. =)