LPU shipping questions and concerns


Hi everyone!

I’m new here on LPU and glad to be here but I have a few big concerns…

I pre-ordered Livings Things sometime in April-May and bought the LPU 11 pass along with it, so I was wondering if the laminate and everything the LPU 11 package comes with will ship together with Living Things? And how long it’d take since I haven’t received anything yet :frowning: I live in Canada by the way…

And I have also purchased tickets for their upcoming show in Vancouver from lpunderground.com itself. When I go to my order history and look at the tickets package, it says the tickets are being shipped on the 21st of august which is about 2 weeks before the concert… I don’t know if that means that they’ll be here by the 21st or that they’ll be shipped on the 21st but I do know that 2 weeks isn’t long enough for them to be shipped here considering its taken a while for my LPU pass and LIving Things to arrive… So i was worried about what I should do if the tickets don’t get here in time :frowning:

Sorry for the long questions but any help on the matter would be great!


With the pre-order of Living Things with the pass, you’ll have to direct your shipping question to who was responsible for shipping (check your receipt for contact info).

With the tickets, once we receive them from the promoter (usually 2-3 weeks before the event) we’ll ship them to you. Worse case scenario (if you don’t receive them in time) would be we’d put you on a ticket purchasers list to pick the tickets up at the box office the day of the show.


Just in case of that worst case scenario happening, is there a phone I can call or an email I can send to warn you the tickets didn’t arrive?