LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


Seeing as there are numerous soldiers who are coming from all over the map for the event being held October 27, it would be great to plan a reunion so that friends on this site can meet in most cases for the first time. Anybody who is interested should voice their ideas on here,

And I apologize for anybody else who I missed or wasn’t able to tag and/or considered/have seen have said cannot go

I’m very much looking forward to meeting everyone and having an experience to remember in memory of Chester!

Hollywood Bowl Facebook Group

Are you from LA friend?


No, but I’m closer than most
I’m in Northern California
It will be a 6hour drive from here to LA

:cry: I would like to meet you and @ironsoldier16 and @lupedhs and @lpfan61 @the_termin8r just to name a few one of these days :sweat_smile: @georkost too many to name haha


Someday we will can do it! Maybe a video chat can help us.


yeah. thats true, first i had a dream to go for an LP concert, it broke into pieces, Now i dream to meet y’all. I wont break this into pieces and this will come true someday for sure :slight_smile: :blush:


I’m totally down! :heart:


@framos1792 yup u closer lol I’m coming from Az, so I’ll have a long drive ahead of me too


Thanks @framos1792 ! I would like to meet you all too! It would be wonderful! :blush: :star_struck: like @ironsoldier16 said, someday will do it for sure! :hugs:


You know; This would be a great opportunity to meet with the other soldiers. I live in The Netherlands, Europe, and traveling to the USA is on my bucket list. But I don’t think I can make it to attend the Hollywood Bowl.

But you guys who live near each other, ya’all should definitely meet up! It’s so great how the LP family unites people. So awesome! :smiley:


I’m in the UK and travelling to the US isn’t really an option any time soon. A few of us actually met up at the London memorial.


I really hope/wish LP decides to do a LPU summit in conjunction with this event. I think that would be perfect. LPUers need to be able to come together separate from this large concert. I still am unsure if I can come to the show cause I’m in the process of moving to the other side of the globe, but I really hope things work out to where I can go. :crossed_fingers:


I’d love to come and meet all of you and go to this event, but I am in Greece… and it takes a lot of money to come to LA and paperwork… Maybe we could watch it together through livestream (I wish and hope that there will be!!!) and chat at discord :slight_smile:


Mine includes the sane too. + Many other countries!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


I guess me, @NickGr and @NoireXJasper are the far ones…ie. India, Moscow and Philippines… But we still wish to meet…
For me this family was one of the best changes of my life… (well jasper how are you… I Know you may be busy…)

Yeah… the currency matter… Indian ruppee is the least valued… really expensive…

Looking forward for that… or maybe tinychat?


We will find a way :slight_smile: If there is a livestream!


Perhaps we could do that. Or maybe on Plug.DJ we could add the show on a playlist once it’s available and watch it together online? Have a nice Online Watch&Listen Party.


I have to learn about plug dj… Let’s just hope that there will be a livestream!!!


Amazing idea @gatsie !! Loved it completely!

Yep … Same here… lets hope for that. Its okay i will tell you about plug… no worries :hugs::hugs::hugs:


@lp13413 I want you to take me with you.


:sunny:️Very :sunny:️nice- :sunny:️@framos1792 so :sunny:️let’s :sunny:️wait​:sunny:️ if :sunny:️the :sunny:@lpuhq :sunny:️maybe :sunny:️announces​:sunny:️ a :sunny:️meet-up :sunny:️on​:sunny:️ the :sunny:️27th, :sunny:️if :sunny:️not- :sunny:️we :sunny:️do a :sunny:️private​:sunny:️ one :sunny:️at :sunny:️LA Hardrock cafe​:sunny:️ or​:sunny:️ nearby​:sunny:️ the :sunny:️venue :smiley:… - I :sunny:️feel​:sunny:️ so :sunny:️excited


:joy::joy: im blinded by the brilliant sunlight lol