LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


@framos1792 hope you are save on your way, I am here in LA since yesterday. Did you managed to get the glowsticks? Would be awesome :sunny:️:sunny:️- and we have to meet there in every case, @lpfan61 is connected with me via WA - because my internet is just working here at the hotel. Finally my. Plan is to look for lpu-tent that @derek mentioned first line and surley I will find the lpl bench :tada::sunny::man_dancing:, @danni1317 when do you come there? I guess meet-ups are starting around 1600, and @jFar920 and @lp13413 when do you guys plan to pop up? Celebrating life just feels awesomst :sunny:️:sunny:️:sunny:️Right

As for the great vibes: you guys :dizzy: saw the live insta from Joe yesterday? He streamed tge siundcheck from Blink 182 from the bowl :sunny:️:sunny:️Was great vibes :cyclone:


Glad to be of help guys! :blush: :hugs: waiting your msgs… :wink: :muscle: :sun_with_face:


ON MY WAYYYYY!!! and I have the sticks :sweat_smile:


Yaaaay!!! :smile: :rofl:


YAAAAAY :tada::tada:YOU ARE GREAT MAN :tada::tada: @framos1792 and thaaaaanx a lot my dear friend @lpfan61 - this is soo nice you help us :sunny:️:sunny:️:sunny:️

It will be epic guys :tada::ok_hand:t2::sunny:️:man_dancing::heartbeat:


Awwwwww…I’m so happy to be of help! :blush: :smile: :hugs: :tada: :tada:
Enjoy your time there guys! :sun_with_face:


small core soldiers meet-up at 1pm at the Hardrock Cafe - Hollywood blvd - you join in @framos1792? And surely everybody is invited to join in and warm up :sunny:

It is about to start guys :sunny:️ CELEBRATING LIFE :sunny:


If I can make it I’ll go :slightly_smiling_face:
I might be just arriving but will update
I’m 200mi out I believe


I’ve only just been catching up on everything here. If everybody is surely invited then I’d love to meet up with any LPU members that will be hanging around before the show! I’ve been seeing in a number of places that it looks like a lot of fans will be around Hollywood this afternoon.


@framos1792 _Yaaay - great man :sunny::tada: :cyclone:


Some photos I’ve taken so far


Awww… :heart_eyes: have fun there! Celebrating life! :sun_with_face: :star_struck:


@theearlywalker I won’t be able to make the lunch I will see you guys afterwards at the meet
Trying to get to spot haha :face_with_head_bandage:


I’m lost in the building we’re staying at :sob::joy:
We’ve gone around the same floor three times and can’t find the right elevator :exploding_head:


Omg! Calm down! :grin: look carefully around you and choose the right one!you can do it! :muscle: :sun_with_face: :smile:


Looks like u are having fun so far. Injoy yourself. Be safe


@framos1792 you ok?? @theearlywalker and @jFar920 are on the way to the venue! :sun_with_face:


We are here now - at the bowl :sunny:️:sunny:️ - already :tada:


Yaaaay!!!so exciting!! :grin: :star_struck: :star_struck: :sun_with_face: :tada:


How isitat the bowl??? Do u think there is parking over there