LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


Lol yes I’m ok! :grin: I found my way :joy:
Will be at venue around 4, @theearlywalker if you hear anything about the glow sticks let me know please lol see you in a few!
And thank you @lpfan61 for your help here :sweat_smile:


When I passed by it was empty but it will fill up rather quickly, unless there’s more towards other side I didn’t see a whole lot


Awww…no need to thank friend! :blush: :hugs:
Good!you did it! :grin:


How long ago did u pass it, we are on our way there now but we are coming from Inglewood


I found @the_termin8r! Hehe

Last time was around 1:30


:joy: It’s him!!! :grin:


I hope you guys get mauled by killer sheeps :rage:


Hey @intheend ! :smile: :rabbit: :rabbit: :rofl:


Ok do u have messenger?


So amazing


:cry: I just had lamb chops :angry: muahaha


No :confused:
My number is 9167198397 though if you need to contact me
I’m still not over there though


How’s going there? :smile: :rofl:


It’s a little hectic at the entrance but once inside it’s good :sweat_smile:
I couldn’t find @danni1317 :confused: I’m with Jordan and pat, hopefully we can bump in later


Yay!so you finally met! Amazing! Then I can go to sleep… :joy: have fun guys!!! :heart: :sun_with_face:


I got here just in time. If you wanna chat let’s meet after the show.


Garden 110 seat 3 from Boston


Thank you guys for making my experience last night that much more special.


@the_termin8r sighted again!


Ha. Hahahaha. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Muwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha