LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


I am beat :confused: haha I just now got home it’s 35 past midnight here and I left la before noon :confounded: how are you?!


soooo…I just got a call
I shall not say what was asked by him/her, nor the motive
Do you have something to say for yourself? Ahem :triumph:

On a side note…I still gots it :sunglasses::joy:


Wow that’s awesome that you see the guy’s hand prints. It looks like chester hands bigger then Mike


Oh take care. Have some rest. Thats really very late :hushed: :hugs:
i am just fine…


But…you said you wasn’t going!!!


That was before I was offered a ticket two weeks ago.


Is that just fine an ok statement or are you kind of down? :frowning:


It was really cool getting to meet you!

And I would’ve very much have liked to meet you @intheend :frowning: don’t be mad anymore, I’ve already got an angry brat at home lol


I hate you all :pensive:


So do i but let me give you a hug nonetheless :hugs:
I’m sure we all “hate” you too kiddo, a familial you drive me nuts sibling kind of hate :sweat_smile:


Oh thanks for concerning Friend! I am perfect! :smiley::smiley::+1: No worries here… especially after exams ended :sweat_smile: hehe…lol

But we love you friend! Hugs :hugs: . I hope you are okay after the show. Be fine soon. If you want any help you can msg me on discord.


they’re quite similar!


this is mine :heart:


Wow it looks like your hand fit in his hands too. So cool and Awesome.


Yes it fits perfectly, he just has a little bit longer fingers :slight_smile:
Mike’s hans is pretty equal too.
Other ones are strange, Rob’s is huuuuuugeee


Is it really just 9 days back? Feels like ages- reading this thread was just reminding me again how nice it was - to meet you guys in person was just exciting - and the show… therefor my words aren’t big enough to describe- maybe an album title can better: Re-Charged ( also you guys mostly don’t like this album - lol I still do)


Yeah. Literally does. There was a time when this thread had most unread. :slightly_smiling_face:


It feels like it just happened two days ago. It also feels like it happened a long time ago at the same time. It’s only been three weeks…


I keep replaying things I’d wished I would have done, like maybe spent an extra day in LA.


I keep kicking myself because I had no clue about the actual inside where the grass was so I could meet yall