LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


There’s actually a Northern California group on Facebook, and many in the group are making the trek south. Most are driving, I believe. The group formed after the San Jose memorial gathering for Chester. It’s called LP Legion, Bay Area. It’s a closed group but if you live in the Bay Area, you could ask to join.


Currently listening whole OML

And yea… Still kinda busy

Thanks for still greeting me until now :stuck_out_tongue: :blush:


Welcomed… hope you complete your work soon. Good day. :blush:


I got a ticket!!! I’m down to meet up!


Congo! You made it. Have a great time with other soldiers !! :hugs::hugs:


They cancelled my third ticket. I’m indescribably flippin :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Why???!! Can they do this??


Yeah because of ticket limit
Didn’t warn me or anything though so if anyone bought more than 2 tix I suggest they check their accounts to make sure they’re still there
They go by house address on the credit cards used not even by individual cards, person I spoke to says they checked ip addresses, house addresses card #s and tm accounts


Oh… so we have ticket limits too… :no_mouth:… didn’t knew that.


You have failed me fluffy


I went online with my sister. Our tickets will be $127. The air plane tickets (sobbies) will be like $351 a ticket!!! Not per trip. And then there were HOTEL ROOMS $300 something per person!!! (flips a mega whale on @lpfan61 and @framos1792 )

Had to watch it. With all the evil Earth dancing going on


(le cough)

There is also the way of the tickets being $127
Taking a 2 day bus ride :frowning::sunglasses: for about $119 per ticket?
And then a $134 hotel room for a night

By myself (hahahahahahaha ahhhh :weary:) it’ll be $437
With my sister: $502

But she doesn’t want to get in a bus!!!


OR! I could rebel



Who want to kidnap you?!? :rage: :muscle: no one in the whole universe should dare to touch you! :muscle: :rabbit:

Isn’t there a soldier who can go with you? :confused:


Nope ;-;


Did Jordan end up flying?


I asked @jFar920 to go with me and he said no that he was too cool for me ;-;


:no_mouth: but a bunny is way tooo cute… :smile: :wink:


Lmaoooo thank you for making me laugh I needed that

Hide in his backseat and when you’re around say…Colorado, pop out and give him a heart attack :grimacing:


:grin: :blush:
You too make me smile with your reply! :smile: :hugs: