LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


Was your third ticket purchased today or before?
A few days ago it didn’t even let us make a second purchase with the same address (different card & person from first purchase), kept giving an error until we switched the person paying.


I bought all three on Tuesday
Different account too but both cards I used have same account info/home address
I suppose since the ip and cards were diff it went through but then it got triggered this morning they said
I’m more angry at the fact they didn’t send a notification it was cancelled when they did cancel it just because I couldn’t even react to try and get the third
I could’ve gotten the third at 10am, I was watching tix go but by time they told me there was nothing left


Yeah unfortunately if you read their info it says ALL purchases can be canceled without notice if you violate the ticket limit :confused: we ended up using two addresses and i’m still paranoid checking on the tickets. Some people have also said the card/address sweep will happen on the 29th… not sure how accurate that is though. Maybe check within that period in case tickets get cancelled & they go on sale again.


I will be there! Sitting in section G1. Flying in from Arkansas. Would love to meet you guys


I appreciate all the info very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll keep trying otherwise we’re drawing straws lol


So now the show is sold out…this is what happens when I let people take their time and whatnot. Now I can’t go


(melts from sadness on the floor)


:scream: what?? So now you can’t go?? :sob: what a pity…


:frowning: I’m upset for you Meme, try your best to find a ticket <3


On Ticketmaster if you check here and there sometimes a ticket pops up :pensive:
_gently pat @intheend’s head which is on the floor _ :frowning_face:


I’m actually pissed that I woke up 30 minutes late, or I would’ve had better tickets, more in the center or maybe in the pool area. Regardless, first garden row, right side isn’t bad.


Exactly… dare anyone do that . :rage:… The person will be in hospital next hour… ICU… :muscle:

Yeah! :+1:

No no no no no no no!! Don’t!!
Sending big hugs to @intheend

I hope she gets one… :confused:


Puh, reading this thread feels like an emotional rollercoaster, I am soooo sorry to hear this catastrophe @intheend - seriously this time, :hugs: and I can slightly imagine how you must feel rn, but- somehow it will be possible to catch a resale ticket, there are sure pooping up some- granted…

@tenkaichi woow man, I am so envious, I didn’t had the option to get a seat in garden or pool area, so I endet up in row 19, roght side, dunnow which sector, but best places available as I bought my tickets…

@framos1792 shiiit man, this sucks massivley, hope you find a third ticket somehow dude

@marcusarelius, @itzamars, @xbadwolfx131, @poetdancer, @makork9 and @thenamelessone

looking so forward, it feels like this “celebrating life energy” is able to move mountains :sunny: and the list of bands celebrating with us is just badass


@AJ_7 is on board :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::dizzy::dizzy:


(gets poopie eggs that smells of poopies) (stuffie down @tenkaichi mouth) forever the poopie. Bragger poopie licker


Me too, me too lol :laughing:


Okay… who’s gonna carry us… you’ve got to baggages… @mishelka3 and @Honey8


And me? :confused: :sob: me tooooooo want to come! :blush: (loool :laughing: )


Okay… 3 baggages… but then qs repeat

Lol :joy::joy:


If someone is a magician, I would be happy to be in 2 bags too.

… and thanks for the idea @the_termin8r :+1:


I’ll be at the show :slight_smile: