LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


Have a great time there soldier :slightly_smiling_face:


Bragging? I’m disclosing my seats. They’re nice but I was on top of the presale.


I’ll be there from Italy with other few soldiers, I’d love to meet up with you all guys!
On FB there’s a private group for people attending the event too, to coordinate and collect fans who also travel alone from different countries


I am coming from Florida but should be in LA 1-2 days before the show. Will be more than happy to meet you guys!


Am lucky enough to be attending the Tribute concert on 27th, could not miss it! :cry:
Travelling from UK and would be great to meet up with some LP fans beforehand.


@vlad544 and @dudley109 have a great time there :blush:


I’m sure it will be memorable :slightly_smiling_face: I think we’ll let time pass by and once we’re closer to the date we can plan when and where because of the possibility of something being announced officially


I thought I’d mention on here that I have seen many places get rented out or hotels get booked in the past few days-not sure if specifically because of the event or other stuff in general as I don’t usually book places but just a heads up so people know things will get difficult to book as time nears


Just as a suggestion:
Join the outskirts of the venue before the concert begins. If possible, take a photo.


There are other people coming from UK if I’m not wrong, join the FB group!


I would love to be involved as I am going alone! :heart:


i would love too go but i live too far away & i would have too take off work but it’s so worth it for the people going keep strong fans & have fun at the show


where are you from? would you join the fb group? :wink:


Im coming from New Jersey! I’d love to join the fb group! Do you have a link? :slight_smile:️:heart:️


Yep! Here it is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lphollywoodbowl2017


I live in nj and it so hard to go anywhere with out a car and i really hope they will live stream it. But in the mean time am getting the t shirt form linkin p


I guess I should finally consider to make a fb account :see_no_evil: , but… :thinking:

but… awwwww soldiers united …

I count on this @framos1792 , so— :sweat_smile:- once more saved from it :laughing: and your idea with airb´n´b apparmentwise …


I was also thinking maybe it’s time to go back to fb haha it’s always lame though lol
Have you used airbnb before? If I invite you on there I think you get $40 credit and I get $20 for another trip
Not sure how it works I just signed up last week booking mine but if you or anyone is interested I can find out :slightly_smiling_face:


. :smiley: I am… excited, :tada: booking the flight rn, trying to - awwww :sunny:


I spent ages looking at different things when I was booking :joy: very easily sidetracked :sweat_smile: