LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


We should all try and get to the show early when doors open and meet at the picnic tables (not sure when that is, but maybe 5pm?). To reserve a picnic table, one needs 30 people, and I’m not sure there’s that many in this group who will be there. The other tables are first-come, first served. I can wear a funny hat so people can find me. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you for the information on times and stuff because I don’t think any of us have any clue what to expect there lol
On a lighter note may I suggest an authentic Native American headdress or one of those British bearskin hats? :grin:


Coming from UK too, getting there on Tuesday so hope to do some tourism things also!
Where in U.K. Are you coming from?
Would be good to meet a few people before or after the show! :slight_smile:



I’m in Surrey, flying from Heathrow.

I arrive Thursday lunchtime - staying close to Hollywood Bowl then going
home Saturday.

Where are you flying from?



I’m from London, flying from Gatwick as cheaper! haha
Arriving Tuesday afternoon and leaving Saturday evening. Going to squeeze in some Hollywood sight seeing and also got tickets for Universal Studios Fright Night. Trying to make the most of our trip but Friday night is going to be the big one, not sure how to feel about it. Still don’t believe Chester is gone so i think it’ll help with “closure”… :confused:


Wish me and my twin sister were able to be there… Good luck to all of you LPUers! :wink:


Die hard LP fan thought been an on and off again LPU member. Would love to meet some of you. I’ll be flying in from New York.


I’m doing a stopover at Heathrow, flying to LA on Thursday 26th


Also heading over from the UK, flying in from Heathrow on the Tuesday, flying back the following Tuesday. Planning a trip to Anaheim as would like to visit Disney, but also going to go to Warner Brothers in Burbank, and the Palos Verdes Estates to pay our respects.


Hey guys,

I havent read every single comment, but I was wondering if you guys were aware of the facebook group “Well we do: Holding up a light at the Hollywood Bowl 2017”. We are planning meet ups and such.


Hey everybody I’m also a big fan coming in from NJ


I’m on the page :slight_smile:
Have printed some of the “we do” signs also to give to the people in the row i’m in :slight_smile:


We’re going to do Hollywood sights, Santa Monica and Universal Studios fright night.
Trying to make the most of our visit but doesn’t avoid the fact that it’s going to be a sad one.
I’m looking forward to “closure” Friday and seeing the rest of the guys, but I’m dreading when they walk out on stage and Chester isn’t there. Still doesn’t feel real :frowning:


Hi Everyone!

I am new to the LPU family though I have been a fan since the first time I heard Hybrid Theory. For some reason I never got around to joining LPU until now. . . sadly after the passing of Chester.

Needless to say Chester’s and Linkin Park’s music has been truly influential and a guiding light during the hard times in my life. I’m looking forward to meeting more Linkin Park fans during the coming Memorial Concert for Chester at the Hollywood Bowl and despite the fact that I was unable to get tickets, I am still looking for any tickets available in case anybody has or knows of anybody selling one.

Much Love!


Welcome to our family. I hope you find what you need :smile:


I can’t wait to meet new LPU family :heart:


Coming from New Mexico!!! So excited to meet and see y’all in real life!!!


Lol I don’t do social media… Except for Linkin Park smh… Can you give details please


I would honestly love it if they had a summit too. It would be chance for anyone who has joined the LPU to possibly meet and greet. If this were to happen I’m sure LP fans would come out of the cracks. I know I would.


Me too!! I would go where for that