LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


Did we already planned a location to meet up soldiers?? :eyes:


I heard something about a bench up front


Very nice, saw it

Looking so fooooorwaaaaaard for this big family meet-up

@framos1792 missing you man! Are you joining here?!! @jFar920 and @AJ_7 and @danni1317 guys? Ya there? At the bench?!! :joy: - I am :sunny:


I’m here! :raising_hand_man: and I’ll be there :grinning:
I miss you and everyone too!
I poke in here and there to keep up lol
Couple more days and will have more time :sweat_smile:


Yeah definitely! :grinning:


good to hear you are fiiine :sunny: - it´s seems to be real busy for all of us atm, :sweat_smile:, but can you imagine? Just 10 days to go… looking forward to meet you in person. When will you arrive in LA? And where are you located?


The days did pass quickly… :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m here I’m here!!! Been working like crazy trying to get in the hours before I leave but I’ll be there!!! So excited !!!:metal::sunglasses::blue_heart::smile:


I truly hope everyone that is going to the show have a bless time . I can’t go because i have to work and no way there . I hope someone live stream it please


I’m flying from Ukraine to be there:)!! Any suggestions what can I do the rest of the weekend in LA:)!? Are there any LPU get together-s:))

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas for me!;))


Hi, I’m in nor cal too! I started a Bay area group called LP legion bay area. Join us on facebook! I know its last minute but we are planning a dinner for tomorrow, the day they were supposed to play at the shark tank. We have a memorial on July 30th and had a couple meet ups since. Hope to see you in the group!



Is there a official meet up, set up by the LPU machine shop?


Are you into the FB group? There’s plenty of proposal to hang out and meet up for people coming from all over the world!


I might eventually have to cave in and make a Facebook account lol
Thank you for the invite though I’ll poke in and see if I can go to the next :sweat_smile:


@lpuhq1, has there been any thought about an official reunion type of thing?


Hello! I have seen lots of posts about meetups for the 27th. I know LPU is having a private meet up does anyone have any information? Ik it was being held at the Rainbow room.


So for us, this has been the place to talk about it, there’s a fb group that says we’re meeting before the show at 4? I believe
Correct me if im wrong anyone
Initially we thought about maybe going to hard rock but if it’s many people it might not be brightest idea lol
Though if people are up for a tighter meet up that could work as well if we’re a manageable group



It’s kind of last-minute, but I guess I’m celebrating life in California next Friday (thanks for the birthday present by the way, you know who you are).


WHAAAAAAAAAAT :sunny::stuck_out_tongue::metal:t3:

(sorry for shouting… you join the show??? @LP13413!!! :tada: )


No, you read that correctly.