LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl



lol- my english isn´t that well :see_no_evil: - please clear words: Are you joining the show and celebrate life next week in Hollywood?!!! :eyes: @LP13413




That’s awesome man!
A very late happy birthday as well! :confused:


An unplanned trip is the best most of the time! :grin:


this is great news man!!! I felt kinda “shocked” as I read you won´t come, seemed to be impossible, just from my feel, lol, but yeah, you made it- this meetup will be aweeeeeeesomest, looking forward :smiley: and when you come to LA? Where are you located? Yep, I am curious, but, yeah- back to the point:

it will be a lifetime experience for sure!! :tada:

heey @framos :sunny: it will be epic…
it already is …


I’m too lazy to scroll through, but is there a meetup?


Yeah, lol- at the bench :sunny: …15 o´clock at the day of the show, that´s it so far, but we can plan everything here, I guess if there is no special lpu event (@lpuhq1… I really won´t bother, but… it´s next week, can you maybe let us know if there is one?) … if not we can maybe meet up on our own ( unofficial ) somewhere… :sunny:


Enjoy there guys! It gonna be amazing and memorable one!. :wink::wink: Have fun!


how I wish I can join the reunion. what a feeling to gather with all LPU soldiers. Have fun! let us all smile laugh and cry together this 27th :smiley:


I’ll look into the info for meeting up with you guys this weekend. Haven’t had much of a chance to read the forum lately, but I’m definitely interested


So we feel all the same, maybe we just make an appointment? Is there a soldier from LA here under us who is willing and able to look for a location? As the official lpu-meet-ups usually were at the local Hardrock Cafe… a day before the show… let’s overthink this maybe


Good news.


Awesome news!thanks for sharing! :smile: :sun_with_face: :sun_with_face: so happy for that! :blush: :hugs:


Im so happy that they are going to live stream it on YouTube. I just seen it on Instagram I’m so excited . I can’t wait to see it


I don’t think there is an official LPU meetup. LPU will have a tent at the show from what I hear and LPL is doing a meet up, which I will be attending.


It will be streamed on YouTube.


omg thank you so much fr this!!!


Yes they going to live stream it on YouTube at 7 45.


anyone know if there will be a meet and greet with the band for LPU members before the show? I heard there would be, but I can’t find any information about it anywhere now.


Until I know. There is nothing about that.