LPU Soldiers Reunion at Hollywood Bowl


I haven’t heard anything about a MnG.


So for all the glowstick captains ( on fb) they were all talking about 330 In front of the box office


Ok silly question! For the LPU tent how will u know if we are members? I don’t have anything saying I am, i did it digital???


Lpl is doing sth … maybe we just join there :sunny:️as for meet-up … and a m&g would be epic- or a summit

@derek lol- didn‘t scolled up- but yeah- do you know when and where it takes part? The lpl event?


@danni1317 when will you arrive LA sister? :sunny:


Can anyone recommend a good place for dinner that’s near Hollywood Bowl? We arrive at LAS at 2:30, then will check into hotel, then will look for dinner prior to concert doors opening at 6. Would love to meet some of you if that’s possible! Been in the LPU since V1…been to 2 concerts in those 17 years. This one is an important one!!!


We will be there Thursday afternoon/ early evening


I truly hope that everyone that is going to the Hollywood bowl have a blessed time


We’re staying in El Segundo. I show it’s only 13 miles from the venue. But I’m being told by the hotel that it could take 1.5 hours to drive there due to traffic!?!?! Can someone confirm this who lives in this area?


Yes, traffic in LA is horrible, especially if you’re not used to it.
Allow extra time to get to the Hollywood Bowl, or better yet, take a shuttle. Go to the Hollywood Bowl website and see where the shuttles leave, and get on an early one. They’re really comfortable, affordable and I believe parking is included in the cost. Plus you get to meet all the other fans on the bus. :smiley:


We’re staying in El Segundo…I will take a look at shuttles around that area.


I’m flying from Kiev, Ukraine. The concert date is around my job interview in ATL;)). I’m in LA till Sunday, would love too meet some fellow LPU soldiers!


I’m flying from Italy, leaving tomorrow and staying until Oct 31st in the evening :slight_smile:
We’re planning a lot of meetings, if you have FB join the group “Well We Do: Holding Up a Light at the Hollywood Bowl 2017”


I arrived in Hollywood about an hour ago


Nice view! Exciting feeling! :smile:


Lol LP soldiers hiding in bushes like Easter eggs​:smile::smile:


Nah, I was in Denny’s and took the picture out the window :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been here at the hotel about an hour now. It’s hot outside, but it’s so fucking cold in this room.


Nice view from the window


Thanx man :+1:t2::sunny: