LPU songs!


What is your favorite LPU exclusive song? Mine is probably Reading My Eyes or Dedicated.


Mine would probably be Qwerty or Across the Line. Its a tough choice. I think it would be cool to see Reading My Eyes redone in studio form!


QWERTY is pretty awesome. I also like Step Up


Step-Up, And One and Dedicated.


Coal is pretty awesome, same with Drawing. Non-instrumental, I’d say Slip or Dedicated


Hard to chose. I’d say Drawing and Broken Foot when it comes to instrumentals, Qwerty and I Have Not Began are also cool. And of course mmm…cookies. Best LPU cd ever.!


Qwerty and Across The Line.


so far away, dedicated and qwerty :smiley: but all are great :slight_smile:


So far Away, Debris , And One, Clarity


pale(lpux) from unreleased from demo points of the authority (lpu 11)


Across the Line and Qwerty are high on my list to.


for me it’s “across the line”


Mine would definitely have to be Across the Line or Drawing (Breaking The Habit Demo)


Across the Line, Pretend to be


Across the Line and Points of Authority (cristal Remix)


And One, Carousel, Across the Line. But I love almost every song since the LPU 9 CD.


High Voltage, Dedicated, Step Up, Qwerty, Across The Line… I particularly love High Voltage, 'cause Mike’s rapping there is just awesome!


Bubbles! XD ok, i’m joking… Dedicated! So awesome :smiley:


For me it’s got to be QWERTY. So much awesomeness [biggrin]


Out of curiosity, did you mean LPUX or LPU12 for Points of Authority, because there wasn’t one on LPU11