LPU stickers-where did you put them?


Just was thinking how creative can we be with stickers we got :smiley: Here is mine from LPU XIV on HTC


I never know where to put them, and if I do put them somewhere, I regret it, so I don’t use them


I’d rather keep them somewhere than actually use them. I just don’t know where to put them.


probably I’m going stick also one on my phone :grin:


Whoa it looks amazing :heart_eyes:

I don’t have them yet, but I will probably keep it locked haha not that good at caring stuff :flushed:


My LPU14 and LPU5 stickers are here, 'cause I don’t know where to put them :smiley: (LPU5 stickers are behind LPU14 letter & stickers)