LPU SUMMIT Amsterdam


Hi guys! Is there anyone from Italy that is going to the summit?


I hope you find someone.
I’m from Germany and go to Amsterdam!
Maybe we meet us!


Hey, im going to the SUMMIT too with my italian wife, maybe we meet each other there :wink:


Hey guys,

Do you have any idea when they will post the contest for the concert in Amsterdam?



does anyone of you know when the summit will take place? my flight lands in Amsterdam around 4 pm on the 7th. would be nice to get a heads up if i have to re-schedule :slight_smile:


you’ll need to reschedule the flight to an earlier one (if I were you), by 4pm that afternoon, the summit will be long finished…

It’s one of the most saddest feeling you can experienced if you’d missed a LPU summit! [redface][sad] (so don’t miss the event at all cost! [cool])