Lpu summit ct


Does anyone here know if I will be able to attend the LPU summit CT if I JUST registered for a premium pass.

Do I need the laminate which comes in my pack?


from what I understand… and I stand to be corrected on this…
If your order shows as “fulfilled” on you order status page (after having purchased the summit pass), your name will simply be placed on a list for entry at the venue. You will simply need to take some sort of ID with you in order to verify that it is indeed you…

If you have just registered, you will still need to “buy” a ticket for the summit… although the ticket shows a price of $50, once you reach the final stage of the checkout, it should show you a discount value of $0 to pay… provided you are a LPU Plus member…

URL: http://lpunderground.com/events/145461


Yes, that is correct from what I’ve seen too.


Not every LPU member is going to the summit. If you “bought” the ticket and have it as a fulfilled order, and you have the confirmation email- then you are going to the summit.
What you really need to make sure you have, is a matching ID to the name you provided for your summit ticket